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saysexy.net is owned by Charles Peters

We promote ebooks that I have written as well as ebooks that other people have written.

We also promote sexy youtube videos that we produce.  These videos are sexy but tame.

Some of the ebooks written by me & other people do contain strong sexual content.
Privacy Statement:

What information do we collect?

No registration is currently required to use our site and so none of that type of information is collected.  In the past we did have a registration area but that  information was kept private.  We do not sell information. We do not spam.

To what information our advertisers collect  is stated in their privacy statements.  Our advertisers may use cookies so that we might get credit for sales.  We try NOT to include any scripts on our sites that may be considered more invasive in the way the cookies and pixel images are used for tracking.

Our stats program which helps us to know which content is more popular than other content does collect some information including ip numbers.  In no way do we use such information so that it might be considered invasive.

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