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Here at we provide content by way of sexy, erotic eBooks that you may purchase for your kindle. We also produce sexy video that you may freely watch on youtube.

Sexy Erotic eBooks by
Charles Peters And Silas LePec
For Your Amazon Kindle

New Video Added 3-25-2015
sexy pics

Sexy Video Pics with Music

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Kindle Comic Creator
kindle comic creator

New Video Added 4-16-2014

Slide Pics of Sexy Men

Slide Pics of Sexy Men

New Video Added 4-20-2014

Sexy Women Pictures

sexy women pictures video

New Video Added  4-22-2014

Golf: Bigger Holes or More Lube

Golf: Bigger Holes or More Lube

Monster Looking At Porn

Monster Looking At Porn

Video Monster Looking At Porn was created with Openshot Video Editor on the Ubuntu OS and also VSDC Video Editor For Windows. I used Openshot to take a video of me being silly and turned it into a cartoon.

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